Project Overview

Theater Design Northwest upgraded this repeat client’s home theater to stunning audio quality with the addition of MK Sound 950LCR THX speakers. This awesome theater has been an ongoing collaboration between TDNW and the clients for several years running and it just gets better every year.

These clients are dedicated music movie and 3D gaming buffs that had us do the first design incarnation for their space several years back. First we got the room design optimized for their needs and they had us install world class video- Panasonic VT series 3D THX plasma fed by PS3, HD DVD and HD over the air TV. Next was a brutal Pinnacle Rhino series dual driver sub and a flagship Pioneer Elite receiver. This time they saved up for the MK Sound THX speakers with the future intention of upgrading all 9.1 channels to MK quality.

Key Components


  • Pioneer Elite
  • MK Sound
  • Universal Remote Control
  • Panasonic Plasma
  • Sony PS3
  • Pinnacle speakers
  • Toshiba HDDVD
  • Custom TDNW braided “Cat5” speaker cables
  • Panamax UPS/power conditioning



This family of three really enjoys quality entertainment together, so they sensibly have a family policy called “unplugged night” which is no movies, games, computers or texting for the whole day. Here is their quote after upgrading to the new MK Sound speakers and having the audio recalibrated when I followed up to see how it was: (from Mike, the husband) “Let’s put it this way. Did we tell you about unplug Tuesdays? Well, Elly has cancelled them until further notice. She’s having too much fun with her movies and music now!” That is just the best! It’s fun for us to be a part of ongoing projects like this and very rewarding to witness a customer’s reaction upon owning legendary MK Sound speakers for the first time.