Project Overview

After an extensive remodel on this beautiful waterfront Anacortes home, the owners were questioning their outdated whole house music system and gave us a call for some audio consulting to see if we could help with a system upgrade. After meeting for a site survey, we found  an old school system with good quality Sonance speakers powered by an entry level Denon AV receiver and the horrible-yet-convenient fidelity sucking wall volume controls. The music source was a bluetooth adaptor for streaming from phone and it was always disconnecting and also had too limited of range.

Sonance makes great sounding install speakers, so after a system verification on them and the speaker wiring it was decided to repurpose them to be powered with a modern and reliable good front end. We chose a 3 zone system designed with Sonos Port players and Parasound ZM4 amps bridged to deliver 160 clean watts to each speaker and then integrated a REL T/9i sub with the main zone in the living room which really brought the system to life.

Other details included removing the in wall volume controls and replacing them with silver soldered joints to increase fidelity and also reconfiguring the network so the Sonos player had a reliable wired ethernet connection.

Key Components

  • Sonos Port
  • Parasound amplification
  • Wireworld interconnects
  • Surgex power conditioning


This particular couple entertains lots, so the pressure was on to have it done and working great for a weekend dinner party. Success on the dinner party and the much improved fidelity made these music lovers even more of music lovers, which is our job!