Custom Fabric Stretch Acoustics

Custom acoustic designs in Bellingham and Seattle by Theater Design Northwest

A complete acoustic design makeover by Theater Design NW with custom acoustic treatments featuring the Kinetics Stretchtrak system

Ask us how to reduce sound leakage from your home theater or recording space by as much as 75%. Or tune your listening room, office or audio workspace for maximum sonic accuracy, speech intelligibility and enjoyment.

The most effective interior noise control has always been the room within a room design. Innovative and cost-efficient sound isolation products from Kinetics yield room within a room performance without the labor costs, mess and time requirements of traditional designs.

Our interior acoustics products are equally brilliant, providing scalable choices that ease the process of acoustic design for residential or commercial spaces. Complete fabric stretch designs or absorptive/diffusive panel systems are are attractive, effective and efficient to execute for the designer. With a choice of 300 fabrics plus the ability to print custom digital images on fabrics, the possibilities are endless. We carry pre-made acoustic panels from Kinetics, Fabricmate and ATS Acoustics.

We are one of the few audio video design firms that offer complete in-house acoustic design & construction services for residential or commercial spaces. Call today to schedule an acoustic consultation.

Commercial Acoustics in the Pacific NW

Fabric stretch acoustics conceal room treatments behind a stretched fabric surface for beautiful aesthetics in an acoustically effective design.