Project Description

This great foodie stop was a first venture of a friend of ours in the management end of the restaurant biz starting their own place and we are happy to see them already enjoying great success!

Theater Design Northwest designed and installed a great 4 zone AV system controlled with a Symetrix Solus DSP matrix mixer as the brains with a modern/simple ARC-3 wall remote to control the whole place. Main dining audio is handled with JBL Control 65P/T pendant speakers, a great choice for distributed background audio to achieve even coverage throughout a space with nearly concealed aesthetics. Reliable Parasound amps provide the power throughout with KEF architectural ceiling speakers in the bathroom.

The owners wanted the bar to rock a little more, so we custom painted a set of MK Sound m5 speakers up, paired them with a sub concealed overhead and tuned the zone to pump it when needed. The bar also has a simple relay controlled switch to switch it over to TV sound on game nights.

JBL Control 65 P/T pendant speakers tuck up above the ceiling decor for designer-friendly aesthetics.