Project Description

Liam’s Bistro at U Village in Seattle is the newest location from the Sugar Mtn family of restaurants offering “upscale homestyle” fare from a menu that is meant to be shared. Theater Design Northwest was the AV designer for the high end audio, video and custom acoustic treatments.

The spacious main seating area has high 16′ ceilings and we used JBL Contractor Series pendant speakers paired with Pinnacle Digital 600 subs for fun, full range audio with excellent coverage throughout. Restrooms, kitchen and office got  BG Radia  ceiling speakers for accurate sound. Audio for the entire facility is powered by Parasound amps and the systems are low impedance distribution for the best audio quality.

The private dining has a great PDR setup available with an InFocus 1080p presentation projector shooting to a Grandview 16:9 widescreen. PDR audio is handled with MK Sound LCR 950 mains with a Pinnacle sub and JBL pendants for fill. Other video is a Toshiba 65″ SmartTV above the bar for satellite viewing.

n a well designed system JBL pendants provide excellent coverage in high ceiling spaces and are visually unobtrusive. The powered subs are installed stealth near the ceiling.

To tame down reflectiveness in the space, we custom fabricated Class A rated acoustic panels to warm up the environment acoustically and blend with decor.  The completed systems dovetail nicely into this modern environment that has an excellent staff and tasty, inventive food.

A spacious indoor-outdoor patio dining area features this great fireplace and stellar sound from JBL Contractor 28 speakers powered by Parasound.