Project Description

This Anacortes waterfront home needed an audio makeover to improve audio quality, but also to move into the excellent network streaming infrastructure we have nowadays, It already had nice quality Sonance in ceiling, in wall and also deck marine grade speakers that were in fine shape. So we spiced that up with bypassing the fidelity-sucking in wall volume controls and added a REL T/9i subwoofer to the main zone. Upgraded the “bluetooth” front end with Sonos Port players, which we hardwired to the network for reliability. And powered each zone with 160 watts/channel of Parasound Zonemaster amplification to make a clean and dynamic whole home audio system that is reliable and fun.

Helpful Products

  • REL sub bass systems
  • Parasound
  • Wireworld Interconnects
  • Surgex Power Products
  • WBT Silver Solder
  • Sonos