Project Overview

The owner of Haven Financial Partners, LLC in Anacortes contacted Theater Design Northwest`about a commercial acoustic consulting project for their new office in Anacortes, WA. The new office build turned out beautiful for them, but also had mild flutter echo issues and boomy acoustics that were distracting during meetings and even phone calls as well in the new space.

This is a common issue with the current fashion of sparse and contemporary interior architecture and can be challenging to get enough absorptive material in the space to warm up the room from all of the reflections off of hard surfaces. The owner’s initially worked on their own to correct the space, using area rugs and furniture placement in an attempt to correct the issue and were somewhat successful, but the distraction remained.




Key Components

  • Fabricmate
  • Owens Corning #703 compressed fiberglass
  • Guileford Anchorage Fabric



We initially did an acoustic analysis of the room to determine existing reverb time and an onsite flutter echo test. From there it was a simple matter to calculate the correct amount and type of  absorptive material to reach our desired RT60 of .8 sec for great sound with spoken word.

After surveying the aesthetic design options, the client was not comfortable with treating 2 entire walls.  So we furred down the ceiling another inch, installed the 2″ absorption this space required and then neatly stretched Guileford Anchorage fabric to cover.