Project Overview

Theater Design Northwest was hired to do an ISF calibration on the Panasonic Pro Plasma in the color grading suite for video production at Logos Bible Software in Bellingham, WA. Panasonic Pro displays are definitely designed to display accurate REC 709 HDTV standard video, but a full grayscale calibration like the ISF procedure is required to do so. Logos video engineers and producers had been experiencing the clues of monitor inaccuracy such as their production values were displaying quite a bit differently on different displays in different settings.

This is the exact main issue we experienced in audio production back when yours truly was that kind of audio engineer. Working in a purpose-built space with a pro monitoring system is no guarantee that what you are seeing and hearing will translate well to the real world at all. The most effective solution to this issue is to improve the accuracy of  what you can experience in the workspace when making critical production value decisions. That includes upgrading your monitoring system, having it calibrated to spec and oftentimes even working on the actual space to achieve higher levels of accuracy that the engineers can experience.

Key Components


  • Panasonic Pro Plasma Display
  • Panasonic BluRay
  • Calman Software
  • Spears and Munsil Test Disc
  • X-Rite Eye One Pro



Once the ISF procedure was complete, the chief engineer came in for an evaluation session of the display and was pleased with the accuracy + additional detail he was able to see on his personal reference scenes.