Setup Tips- 120Hz, 240Hz motion capability is not always an enhancement. The fast motion enhancement that your big box TV salesman keeps telling you about is not quite the advantage it’s made out to be. Latest generation LED/LCD models use a technique called frame interpolation in the main processor to generate “in between” video frames that are not actually there in the source material. This is done to compensate for the LED/LCD technology’s inability to render fast motion smoothly like plasma technology does natively. Since the intro of 120/240Hz tech, we (and our entire industry) have come to the realization that the so -called “smooth motion” often creates video artifacts that outweigh it’s benefits and in most cases we turn the feature off for improved picture quality when calibrating/setting up new displays for clients. The most common artifact we call the “soap opera” effect and can make a perfectly mastered piece of video appear to look like it was shot on a soap opera set. Not really what you want to see at all.