Theater Design Northwest is pleased to report that in an today’s ever-changing tech landscape, we have chosen well again. Our main remote control and automation line, URC (Universal Remote Control, Inc) remains the world’s top-selling pro home automation products and continue to release exciting and innovative products.

This is significant in light of the recent developments in the home automation market. Both Philips Pronto, one of the pioneers of dedicated HT/whole home control products and relative newcomer Nevo have recently ceased operations. Theater Design is a Philips Pronto Certified installer and we will continue to offer support to Pronto customers in need of service. We never signed on as a Nevo dealer, why would you when you already have the entire product line of world-leader URC at your fingertips?

So the remaining popular choices for automated system control are RTI, Logitech and URC. To us, RTI are pricey for what they offer and we don’t like the form factor. Logitech is OK if you only require limited control of a small system and like to DIY your own stuff-they just don’t offer real custom programming options or a complete product line to be taken seriously in the pro control market.

We are staying with URC as our sole manufacturer of home automation products for our projects and the years of satisfied clients we have using URC remote controls is a great confirmation. The 2011 URC product line is exciting, ranging from high end web-enabled touchscreens capable of  luxury whole-house automation or the new wallmounted network keypads for 2 way whole house sound control from anywhere in your home. And then there is one of our client favorites, the MX-450– a no-point RF remote designed for small-large single systems, with Lutron lighting control capability, custom programmed using user-friendly activity based programming from a URC Certified installer and an LCD color screen. And the best news? This great control system sells for a very competitive $549.00 programmed and installed. If you have “control issues”, look into URC products today.