Project Overview

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Theater Design Northwest was hired as the acoustic designer for this high end listening room in the Magnolia neighborhood of Seattle. The client’s design requirements were for mostly high quality music listening, with some jam sessions and a small amount of TV watching. The room will have a great stereo system with B&W speakers, Vincent integrated amp, JL Audio sub and a VPI Classic turntable. We designed the room’s wiring infrastructure and came up with a custom acoustic design that would improve system accuracy while remaining visually appealing.

First off we added a measure of noise control to the upstairs by installing quietbox isolation enclosures to house the recessed lighting. Next we installed an additional layer of  Type X sheetrock on the ceiling using Green Glue viscoelastic compound and Green Glue acoustic caulk at all seams and openings. The black panels are acoustic fabric using Kinetics Stretchtrak to conceal the room treatments which we designed to control the reverb times in the space and tailor reponse across the full frequency spectrum. We also installed and calibrated the Panasonic plasma display.  The room is awaiting furniture, moldings, final paint touchup and the stereo system before it is complete.

Project Photos

High end audio and acoustic design

A full view of the Magnolia listening room

Acoustic design by Theater Design Northwest

Custom acoustic treatment built into the room design

Listening room with full acoustics

Listening room under construction showing the vintage art deco sconce fixtures


 Key Components


  • Kinetics Acoustics
  • Green Glue
  • Atlona Cabling
  • Richard Gray’s Power Company