Project Overview

This turnkey dual display home theater/multimedia/game room in Snohomish is a highly detailed contemporary high end design. It features dual displays; a Samsung 65″ 4K with Sonos PLAYBAR for gaming with Xbox One, PS3, Wii and 4K Directv. The main system is a 110″ diagonal 4K projection system with an accurate high end 5.2 audio system.

When the clients contacted Theater Design Northwest, their requirements were a multi display AV system that would allow keeping tabs on two sports games at once. They wanted special attention paid to lighting and design details and also wanted a gaming table area for card nights. The design collaboration with the client required several different iterations of a design to get everything just right and be able to fit all of the required features into a medium sized bonus room.

Architectural features include a contemporary lo profile soffit with diffused LED rope lighting, repair/renovation of all millwork, custom solid wood wrapped cabinets, extensive wiring infrastructure design, extensive drywall repair/retexturing and a full refinish of all millwork. The lighting design includes: soffit Halo gimbal LED art lighting, redo of recessed ceiling light with LED retrofit fixtures, soffit LED rope lighting and under cabinet diffuse lighting. Window treaments are fully automated with choices of: blackout roll up shades, diffuse shades and/or full wall draperies. The AV systems, lighting and draperies are all automated on the client’s iPad with an inductive charging wallmount and is controlled by the URC CC Gen2 automation system.

Project Photos

Seattle area Home Theater Design by Theater Design Northwest

A great space for spacious, relaxing family or “me” time.

Key Components

* Stewart Filmscreen * JVC DLA-X900R projector * Samsung 4K LED HDTV * Sonos PLAYBAR * Wireworld Interconnects * Surgex * Richard Gray’s Power Company * Pioneer Elite * BG Radia SA320 mains * BG Radia SS-202 surrounds * Artison Inwall subwoofers * Parasound Amplification * TDNW custom fab rack and details * Middle Atlantic rack accessories * Universal Remote Control