Job Overview:

Theater Design Northwest integrated and updated this hi end home theater as well as the entire homes’ AV systems. Improvements included replacing aging and clumsily programmed whole house remotes with 1 touch activity based RF remotes for reliable and intuitive control of the three main AV systems. Upgrading, troubleshooting/configuration for 6 HDTVs with video calibrations on the ones with HD sources. Upgrade the home theater with a new projector, AV calibration, BluRay and remote. Repair whole house sound system. Reconfigure excercise room AV system to increase sonic accuracy/intelligibility/eliminate comb filtering artifacts and improve equipment ventilation. Replace and configure defective family room HDTV, calibration and remote programming. Upgrade bonus room HDTV and remote programming.

Key Components:


  • Sharp Aquos HDTV
  • Universal Remote
  • Panasonic Projector
  • Denon AV Receivers
  • LG 
  • Samsung HDTV
  • Motorola PVR/DVR
  • Playstation
  • Niles
  • Hitachi
  • Atlantic Technology
  • Mitsubishi HDTV
  • Vizio HDTV

This was a satisfying project with systems put in by other installers. We were able to signifigantly improve the AV quality throughout the home, while simplifying operation for the clients with the macro-programmed remotes.