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The Integra line of home theater receivers and pre/pros have always been an excellent choice as the main AV hub for your home theater or entertainment system. Integra units are reliable for years, sound great, always offer the latest in technological developments all from a company that is proven to stand behind their product. They offer great quality DACs and chip processors in their units for powerful performance.

But the one thing that really stands out with Integra is their audio quality which is an amazing value at their price points. That was the final plus that we noticed to make us want to use their line in our installs. Integra clearly knows how and takes the time to design/build an analog circuit path that delivers dynamics, realism and air that is enjoyable to experience! In our line of work, we for sure get to experience all of the brands of AV receivers and pre/pros in action and Integra is the best among its peers.

Integra Home Theater