Project Description

The clients for this home theater project wanted a space to enjoy quality home cinema in their existing family room without building it into a dedicated home theater. Themed theaters are not their preference, they wanted simple, clean lines that would not overshadow their Modern Italian decor with the full-blown performance of a dedicated home cinema available on demand. The first discussions centered around the components installed in AV furniture below the screen with tower speakers up front. Then our design team created this winning concept using a black fabric stretch acoustic screen wall which offered simplicity in a custom high performance design.

The picture at right shows some of the details in the infrastructure like a huge MK Sound dual driver MX-250 sub built into the wall below the rack. Acoustic analysis of the room during planning proved that corner placement would work great in this space so the sub could be completely concealed visually and also to protect it.

Some of the other design details in this room include: All equipment is concealed behind the fabric screen wall as a consideration for the safety of the client’s young children and the safety of the equipment too! The component rack is placed high to prevent settings being adjusted by toddlers. A fixed-shelf gear rack was chosen for budget reasons. Careful design of the black gear rack helps it to disappear visually for a clean look even though it is an open shelf unit.  All speakers are positioned at the optimal spot for the best possible imaging and coverage in the room. We also custom fabricated a broadband absorbent panel to mitigate problematic reflections from an angled wall in the dispersion path.

The URC RF remote provides total system automation in a simple to use activity based design that works every time. The final step in a room like this is the ISF video calibration to ensure each piece in the video chain is performing to it’s fullest. And then our beyond THX audio calibration using Acoustisoft R+D with Audix calibration mics to get the audio perfect.