Project Description

The owner of this beautiful Magnolia neighborhood home was moving up to an audiophile system for his jam/media space and wanted a complete room redesign with improved acoustics for accurate listening.

Everything had to go with redesigned lighting, AV wiring infrastructure, fireplace, flooring and wall treatments. They wanted a look that was more stylish than simply hanging acoustic treatments on the walls. We worked closely with the homeowner to create a custom acoustic solution utilizing tight clearance framed-out spaces to conceal all acoustic treatment behind fabric panels.

Another consideration from the client was that we use a minimum of floor space in our acoustic design, the room already has a lower than normal ceiling. Careful attention to detail resulted in a design with the correct placements of absorption/diffusion for the space with a look that enhances the room’s appearance and sounds fantastic as well.

Project Specifics

  • Calculate room modes and analyze room acoustics onsite using R+D to model ideal speaker/ subwoofer placements
  • Create noise control and acoustic design drawings
  • Network, AV and AC wiring infrastructure design with a dedicated homerun for AV use
  • Install isolation boxes for recessed lighting and an additional layer of ceiling sheetrock using GreenGlue
  • Framing and construction of acoustic panels
  • Final calculation of all room surfaces and furnishings to tailor reverb time to desired specification
  • Final placement of acoustic treatments using Kinetics Stretchtrak system and Guilleford fabric to finish
  • Retrofit floating install of the authentic Art Deco sconce fixtures on the fabric panels
  • Products used: Richard Gray’s Power Company, Kinetics Noise Control, Atlona Cabling, TDNW Interconnects, Audioquest

The great AV system is this room includes: Panasonic S1 Series Plasma HDTV Display, B&W speakers, JL Audio subwoofer, Vincent integrated tube/solid state amp, VPI Classic turntable, Oppo BluRay/SACD Transport and of course, Sonos. The winning combo of excellent electronics in a properly designed environment delivers a huge soundstage with pinpoint imaging accuracy that is quite enjoyable to listen to.