Project Overview

Some new clients with a beautiful bayview estate in Freeland called; their high end theater was acting up, with the whole AV system shutting down on loud transient movie passages. And they had an older Pronto remote acting up in the excellent workout/bonus room that has great 5.1 sound installed there. Theater Design Northwest replaced the aging Pronto system with the client-favorite URC MX-450 remote with RF control and activity-based programming. For a single system using an older touchscreen remote that is developing problems, this URC is a cost -effective fix that brings you into the current era with a more reliable control system.

The home theater AV shutting down took a bit more effort to diagnose. Their previous tech thought the Monster HTS-5100 power center was overtaxed running the whole system and suggested they buy a second unit. But to me, a load calculation showed it to be just within the load specs for the power unit. My troubleshooting process of elimination showed the problem to be the AV receiver only as the culprit for the shutdown occuring at refence level playback on certain transient scenes. The receiver is to be replaced with an updated model as soon as the THX Ultra 1.4 HDMI models ship. The added benefit to the clients will be 3D ready 1080p HDMI switching and also the Dolby True HD and DTS HD sound quality the new model will offer in this great existing 7.1 room.

Project Photos

Key Components


  • Onkyo
  • In Focus Screenplay
  • Niles Intellicontrol
  • Philips Pronto
  • KEF Speakers
  • QSC Power Amps
  • Samsung
  • Universal Remote Control
  • JL Audio
  • Denon
  • Pioneer
  • Monster



The clients are happy to have a new AV service provider and are thrilled with the new URC remote functionality. They’re great people to work with and we both already have plans to continue our working relationship on future needs.