We are extremely pleased to announce that Theater Design Northwest has been approved as custom installer dealers for the brand of legendary quality in amplification, Parasound Halo. The Halo product line, designed by legendary circuit designer John Curl delivers perfect amplification quality that is also a great value. Just search the reviews, everyone loves them!

Theater Design NW-Parasound Halo in Seattle


We have already used the Parasound Z and New Classic lines with excellent results for years on our designs, so Halo is the logical next step to even higher quality for our clients. Halo offers amazing industrial build quality and advanced features like Class A-A/B amps that run at glorious pure Class A power at lower volume levels for harmonic purity. The innovative P5 preamp shown above is an all analog design for the audio with a high end Burr-Brown DAC onboard with an asynchronous digital input for coax, optical and even USB DAC capability for your computer. Nice stuff from a great American company.


Parasound Halo