Project Overview

Theater Design Northwest was scheduled for this project as a Dewaard and Bode installation for one of their customers. The client had an older Vizio 720p set and wanted to upgrade to current generation 1080p LCD. We installed the largest possible Samsung display in their armoire-type entertainment center, along with a web enabled Samsung BluRay player with Neflix and all of the fun web apps. The client had experienced issues with the previous installation and we soon discovered why: after removing (lots!) of unneeded expensive cabling,  everything was soon connected/setup properly so the clients could enjoy much nicer sound/ picture quality than before.

Key Components


  • Samsung HDTV
  • Samsung BluRay
  • Energy Speakers
  • Yamaha AV Receiver



The clients were happy with the AV improvements and it was nice to provide the quality enhancements on this simple, straightforward project.