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Speakers, amplification and more for home theater, family room and audiophile systems.

Power and Processing

For an amazing entertainment experience that doesn’t shortchange the sound, listen to Arcam. Their integrated amps and receivers use awesome old school Class AB amplification and their higher end Class G amp designs deliver the first 50 watts in pure Class A for an pure, musical experience! We also offer the full lines from: Lexicon, Onkyo and Integra.


 Halo by Parasound

High end separates are the pathway to experience every molecule of care, quality and dynamic subtltey that went into the production of your favorite audio and video media. We offer separates from Parasound Halo, Arcam, Lexicon and Integra.

Parasound Halo is one of the finest choices you can make for an emotionally inspiring listening experience that will always stay fresh. These well-crafted components by legendary designer John Curl perform well above their class.

From preamps/power and integrated units in stereo/2.1 to highest quality analog 7.2 pre/amp combos for cinema sound with the digital video circuitry outside the box, Parasound delivers quality audio for your home environment. We love this company.

Please see our authorized dealer statement at the bottom of this page.


MK Sound Speakers

Legendary MK Sound speakers have always been one of the most widely used monitor speakers in film mixing and quality home cinemas worldwide. The 150 Series are the monitoring system of choice at facilities like: 20th Century Fox, Dolby Laboratories, DreamWorks SKG, DTS, HBO Productions, Lucasfilm LTD, Paramount Studios, Skywalker Sound, Sony Music & Pictures, Universal Studios, Walt Disney Studios, Warner Brothers Studios and more. Hmmm, MK must be pretty good……..

An important distinction this brand offers is that every speaker model MK designs is a great high performance product, but also each jump in price to better models delivers the increased audio experience that you are paying for. Contrary to some popular beliefs seen online, MK Sound are also superbly good music speaks in a 2.1 stereo setup.

We are your authorized MK Sound dealer in the Pacific Northwest.- call us today for a price quote on an MK Sound home theater system or for service on M&K speakers. Tel: 877 397 0468

MK Sound-Theater Design Northwest is the Pacific Northwest Dealer for MK Sound


Totem Acoustics offers a full line of innovative designs that deliver detailed musical performance to you at a nice value. Using only the highest quality drivers and components available, Totem engineers carefully select the proper combinations for each in a complementary design with absolute minimal use of crossover circuitry. The result is a listening experience you can feel……

Totem’s founder and lead designer Vince Bruzzese is well respected in the audio community and his success comes from pursuing his original vision to create a better speaker. Just the kind of company that we are proud to represent and are excited to work with! Totem speakers are built in Montreal by skilled Canadian craftsmen.


KEF Speakers

Founded in 1961 in England, KEF is a very high quality speaker designer that got their start building reference monitoring systems for the groundbreaking BBC broadcast studios. KEF is the most popular home theater speaker in the UK and are also highly regarded as a nearfield monitor in music studios.


Monitor Audio

Home Theater Speakers-Monitor Audio from Theater Design Northwest in Bellingham and SeattleBritish Designer Monitor Audio is known worldwide for their excellent audio quality and high build quality. Monitor, around since 1972 provides excellent support and is a top choice in the US custom install market. Monitor speakers deliver detail in spades with a refined, forward top end remniscent of classic British design taste.

Their Soundframe series offers a great install solution of an in wall form factor with available digitally printed art grilles to match decor.


Theater Design Northwest is an authorized REL Subwoofers dealerWe carry plenty of brands of subwoofers, some that match specific speaker systems and powerful inwall form factors to solve design aesthetics issues. But experience has shown us if you can use a cabinet type sub to choose REL sub bass systems. REL designs and manufactures only subwoofers and are leading modern innovators in subwoofer design and integration.



Tectonic Audio Labs

Tectonic Audio Labs DML500 bending wave loudspeaker panelTectonic Audio Labs loudspeaker panels utilize the unique characteristics of bending wave technology to build speakers that are supreme problem solvers, especially in acoustically challenging environments. Offering 160 degree dispersion, Tectonic panels seamlessly fill every bit of space with delightful high end audio quality.

Tectonic is a real problem solver in acoustically live environments; because of the bending wave technology, the audio de-correlates when it hits a barrier surface, greatly reducing echo/RT issues in a listening space. Designed as a Pro Audio solution, they are also suitable for large scale residential applications. We use their raw DML panels to build wood cabinets with fabric grilles to match decor on projects.


In order to insure the highest level of customer satisfaction, Parasound« Products are generally prohibited from being sold by mail, telephone, via the Internet, or in any other manner than in-person at an Authorized Parasound Dealer location. Products purchased in violation of this prohibition may be denied coverage under Parasound’s warranties. For further information, please telephone Parasound at 415-397-7100.

Theater Design Northwest is an authorized dealer/reseller for every product we carry in order to offer our clients legitimate factory authorized warranty service. See our full listing of available brands here.