Project Overview

Theater Design Northwest consulted on design for a beautiful Newcastle home to add quality surround sound, true HD video, gaming and music. The home had a great bonus room/theater space using a TV stand/theater in a box that the clients wanted converted to a dedicated, automated theater space. Then they wanted surround sound and a visually discreet fireplace system put in downstairs in the  family room.

First in line was to re-purpose their 46″ LED TV for the downstairs system, with remotely installed equipment in the fireplace shelves and an activity based RF remote to control it all. In the theater, plans called for relocation of everything, with the equipment reconfigured in the rear of the room and a clean front wall with a new 65″ LCD display with compact MK Sound speakers wall-mounted in LCR format.  Another URC  RF remote automates control on this system and an ISF/THX AV calibration ensures the system performs at it’s full potential.

Key Components


  • Pioneer Elite AV receivers
  • Sony BluRays
  • Panamax power conditioning
  • Toshiba 65″ LCD HDTV
  • MK Sound MK Movie system
  • JAMO 5.1 compact speaker system
  • URC RF remote controls
  • Xbox gaming console



The end result of this system was a huge upgrade in both the entertainment performance and the style factor as well. In the near future we will be returning to add Sonos whole house sound for these clients.