Multi Display Home Theater with THX 7.1 Surround Sound

 This large media room serves as a dedicated home theater, workout space and family time entertainment hangout for the homeowners. They must like sports a bit, as they had us design the video wall to display 3 separate HD cable feeds at once for March Madness playoffs. The great URC automation system allows viewers to instantly select the audio for any of the three displays to catch a game highlight on the fly. The system:

  • Pioneer Elite SC-35 THX Certified AV receiver
  • Panasonic BluRay with Vieracast networking
  • Panasonic PTAE 4000U Projector
  • LG THX Certified Plasma Displays
  • MK Sound 950THX speakers
  • MK Sound MX-350 subwoofer
  • Universal Remote Control MX-450 RF remote
  • Richard Gray’s Power Company RGPC 400 PRO
  • Atlona HDMI cabling
  • Microsoft X Box
  • Nintendo Wii

Both LG Plasmas as well as the Panasonic projector are ISF calibrated to spec so the picture quality is excellent with a consistent look between all displays. With a room this large that uses the MK Sound 950 THX system, we usually recommend the MX-350 THX Ultra sub to give the system a bit more clean headroom and the sound in this room is awesome. The Richard Gray piece provides labratory-grade power and ensures that each component in the system is performing to it’s fullest potential.