Project Overview

Theater Design NW was called to install a larger 60″ current gen plasma display in this repeat clients wonderful music/media space in the Magnolia neighborhood. Originally the project had been planned to possibly upgrade the display in the future, so hanging the HDTV was a simple matter of moving the hardware from the 46″ to the 60″ and making sure we got the height right for aesthetic concerns. As far as wiring infrastructure, that was simple as well thanks to our policy of planning for every future tech advance that can be possibly be anticipated when we design a project.

A full ISF calibration brought out the full quality the Panasonic plasma was capable of displaying for dedicated movie viewing and the client preferred the less accurate, brighter Panasonic Cinema preset for more pop on cable TV/ sports viewing.

Key Components


  • Panasonic ST series plasma HDTV display
  • Vincent Hybrid integrated amp
  • B&W tower loudspeakers
  • JL Audio subwoofer
  • Transparent Audio power conditioning



Having repeat clients not only makes good business sense, it’s just nice to have the excellent excuse of an upgrade to get to see each other and visit a bit. In addition, an upgrade is a great opportunity for us to verify that all the previous work done is performing top notch as well.