Project Overview

Theater Design Northwest was hired as the acoustic consultant and contractor for the newly opened Lucid Jazz club in the University District of Seattle. This great live Jazz space is located on the ground floor of a condo complex and the owner wanted to be proactive about noise control as he had received several complaints on live Jazz nights. An onsite noise study confirmed that the majority of sound leakage was occurring through an unfinished foam partition wall between Lucid and the neighboring business. We rebuilt the wall using type X sheetrock and taking care to seal all of the many service penetrations airtight with acoustic caulk. Installing a bit of absorptive material in the right places inside the club helped to tone down the reflective acoustics inside the space a bit. Our acoustics consultant also worked with the City of Seattle Nightlife Division and the clubs’ owner to complete a formal noise study at the site and meet with condo residents to address their concerns.

Project Photos


Careful planning, workmanship and skilled communication between all parties has put an end to the Seattle Police showing up every Friday night for the noise complaint call. And if you haven’t been to Lucid, you should experience this totally unique nightspot in the U District. Always great bands, no cover, the owner and staff are great and it is the perfect place to spend a chill night with your sweetie or a friend.