Project Overview

Theater Design Northwest partnered with Island Communications of Friday Harbor to design, install and integrate all of the hi definition audio and video in this home. Bob Jarmin of Island Communications flawlessly installed all of the low voltage infrastructure in this great golf course home. We installed 4 zone whole house sound with HD radio, CD and TV sound in the master bedroom closet which also distributes HD Direct TV to a fireplace mounted Toshiba display in the master bedroom. The home theater installation was especially nice with MK Sound THX 950 surround and a flagship Toshiba 55″ LCD HDTV all calibrated to perfection.

Key Components


  • 3 Toshiba HDTVs
  • Onkyo THX Certified AV receiver
  • MK Sound THX 950 speakers
  • MK Sound 350THX  sub
  • Panasonic BluRay
  • Monster Interconnects
  • Panamax Power Conditioning
  • Pinnacle K80 speakers
  • Pinnacle SuperK833 speakers
  • Xantech D5 whole house
  • Universal Remote


This was a great project for Bob, Karrie and I to work together on the Island and it turned out wonderfully. The Xantech whole house system was inobtrusive in the client’s home, sounded great and simple to operate-the client taught himself to use it after I went home one night! Same with the great Universal Remote MX-980. I finished programming it favorites and all one evening when no one was home. When I showed up the next morning the client was showing me how to run it. The home theater looked and sounded stunning, it was our first home theater installation using the brand new MK Sound THX 950 system, which we highly recommend.