Fireplace Surround Sound Design


Artison speakers and Theater Design Northwest offer a beautiful way to enjoy thrilling, big surround sound performance that nobody can tell is there unless the system is on. These clients enjoy full featured HD surround sound that is virtually invisible, with all source equipment installed in the ventilated lower right rack and controlled by a custom programmed Universal Remote control MX-450 RF remote right through the closed doors. All wiring is concealed in wall/in floor with a subwoofer stashed under an endtable and flushmount surround speakers that are painted to match installed in the wall. The clever design of great sounding Artison speakers is what makes a design like this possible. Using their dual-mono center channel technology, we can get real left/center/right channel audio from just 2 slimline cabinets that mount on your HDTV that have custom grilles that perfectly match your TV size. And unlike the soundbar and “virtual surround” compact designs from other companies, Artisons sound awesome with a huge, accurate soundstage upfront.

The Gear

  • Artison Sketch LCR speakers
  • Monitor Audio In Wall speakers
  • Pinnacle PS Sub 225
  • Pioneer Elite VSX-33 AV Receiver
  • Panasonic DMP-BD65 BluRay Player with Vieracast streaming
  • I Pod
  • URC MX-450 Activity Based RF Remote
  • Panasonic S2 Plasma Display


Everett, WA Custom 5.1 Plasma/Surround Sound Installation