Project Overview

Theater Design Northwest was scheduled to reprogram this client’s Pronto TSU 6000 remote for them after they had upgraded some equipment. After arriving onsite and surveying the system for this new client a course of action was quickly determined. The TSU 6000 remote was in mint condition and also so old that it required a serial connection for programming. A call to Pronto revealed a lot: the tech had never heard of this model and had to really search the archives to find it. And the software was 3 complete releases ago, compatible with Windows 95! Now I could have still programmed this obsolete piece of automation history if the client had insisted. By making a complete list of gear, going back to the office to dig a really old computer out of a closet, going back to the jobsite to try, etc, etc. So out to the truck to bring in a reliable URC MX-450 to show the client and we both quickly decided newer is better. (and probably cheaper too)

Key Components


  • Denon
  • MK Sound 150 THX
  • Pioneer Elite
  • Panasonic
  • Sony
  • Samsung
  • Universal Remote Control



The client was quite happy to have  modern control over his great system (he had 8 factory remotes he was using!) with no point RF and he was running everything like a champ by the time I left. The MX-450 is a great value to upgrade an obsolete automation system and it works awesome on nearly any single-room system including the Lutron lighting.