Project Overview

The owners of a great home in Bellevue near Newcastle contacted Theater Design Northwest for a remodel and technology update of their existing home theater. The old setup had seen better days, with an old 480i CRT projector, outdated Pro Logic surround and less than optimal room layout. They wanted modern and contemporary. The aging NHT 5.1 speaker system were good speakers that were about 20 years old, everything was installed with lots of exposed wire and the center channel merely sat on the floor in front of the screen.

The client was right on target with the thought to start over with room layout, which matched up with our first suggestion to move the screen to another wall and open the space up. Quality BG Radia speakers allowed us to install all of the speakers in wall and still get exciting THX performance. A Stewart microperf Filmscreen matched to the JVC 4K eShift projector delivers a beautiful 130″ diagonal image which is huge for the viewing distance. All equipment was installed remotely in an available closet and the existing built ins were repainted to match for DVD storage.

Project Photos

Bellevue Home Theater small

Key Components


  • JVC  DLA-X55R projector
  • Stewart Filmscreen microperf acoustic screenwall
  • Pioneer Elite SC-75 THX Select2 AV receiver
  • Pioneer Elite BluRay
  • URC MX-450 RF remote with activity based programming
  • Wireworld interconnects
  • Apple TV
  • Mac Mini
  • Panamax power conditioning
  • BG Radia PD-6LCRi speakers
  • BG Radia BGX-X12B subwoofers
  • BG Radia BGX subwoofer amp



From the last report, the clients are fully enjoying memorable times together in this great family room type home theater design. The level of AV quality combined with the low visual impact of a clean room design makes for an engaging experience free of distractions.