Theater Design Northwest is extremely pleased to offer the amazing Arcam brand! Audiophiles know- UK based Arcam is a long standing legend in audio quality. We’re talking raw purity here. Arcam’s engineers pay meticulous attention to every single detail of design and how it affects audio quality from signal flow, power supply design and a special attention to D/A conversion/ how the bits are handled. Construction and industrial design are top notch resulting in a solid, satisfying physical presence. Arcam AV receivers and Pre/Pros handle 4K/HDR/Dolby Vision HDMI signals in the best way possible, unmolested with a passthrough HDMI switching design.

This is the reference Arcam AV 860 home theater Preamp/ProcessorAll Arcam FMJ Series products that handle video feature high end Dirac room correction that really works. Most other calibration methods are fully automated, residing on a $2.00 silicon chip with a cheap included measurement mic. These compromised designs often can’t even measure the speaker type and distances correctly, let alone produce accurate sound! The result is usually thinned out strident audio in our experience; a smart guy with a tape measure and SPL meter can beat it every time.

Dirac takes a better approach. The calibration tech starts using a good old tape measure and SPL meter to do what is known as the THX manual audio calibration. Then using a great XTZ measurement mic a PC is logged into Dirac’s servers and connected to the Arcam device as well while a series of very precise audio measurements are taken at specific points in the room. The big server computes all of the room corrections and downloads the files to memory on the FMJ component. This great system also allows us to make audio adjustments “to taste” post correction for excellent results beyond the THX manual audio calibration.

We possess the XTZ calibration mic package and the knowledge to help you get amazing results from your Arcam upgrade!