Cary Audio Delivers Cinema and Music Perfection

Cary Audio Delivers Cinema and Music Perfection

A perfect storm scenario of economic and technical challenges has really impacted high end AV separates manufacturers. The beautiful HD digital video that we all enjoy using the ever-changing HDMI specification is quite difficult & expensive to implement for small scale high end designers. As a result, many of our favorite brands have either folded altogether or pulled back to designing audio only products.

Cary Audio Design has a different story to tell. Not only are they thriving, their products are made in the USA and they continue to release innovative new designs with top shelf audio quality. Their solution to the HDMI implementation problem? Smart investing. Cary’s management looked into their crystal ball on this one and decided it might be smart to own their own OEM semiconductor facility. So, in addition to supplying one of the top distributed audio manufacturers with their silicon, Cary has the ability in-house to design and build their video processing boards to current specs and the OEM business pays for the R&D costs.

That’s certainly a brilliant strategy. But in my opinion and many others, that accomplishment pales in comparison to the incredible cinema and music performance the Cary Cinema 12 is capable of. Here’s to Cary Audio’s business acumen and design greatness that will allow audiophiles worldwide to experience nirvana for years to come.

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