Can You Say Laser Projector?

The soon to release REDray Laser Projector from Red Digital should be a real game changer in home cinema world. This amazing passive 3D projector with native 4K resolution also is an amazing value with an expected $10K pricetag, which includes their REDray 4K video player. Some of the advantages: Try 25,000 rated hours of life for the lasers with virtually no change in color or light output compared to 2-3000 hours of steadily fading bulb life on conventional units. The lasers put an end to dim lumen output on 3D material, providing about the same brightness on 3D as better 2D conventional projector designs. The 4K player has scaling and upconversion and will load material on it’s hard drive via gigabit ethernet, USB or SD card. See this great Home Theater article for more details. We will hopefully see the REDray commercially available soon and will keep you posted………

REDray 3D Digital Laser 4K Projector

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