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And The Winner Is….. Sub $300 BluRay Players

Being an AV Integrator for a living allows a unique perspective on the different manufacturer’s equipment we all use in our systems. Half the time we are designing turnkey theaters/new construction using gear we know. The other half is spent repairing/calibrating existing systems and sometimes seeing what didn’t work there. Long story short, we see and listen to a heck of a lot of gear brands up-close and personal.

In the sub $300.00 BluRay player market the name that rises to the top is Panasonic. Their DMP-BD65K and audiophile DMP-BD85K offer unparalleled performance in their price range and above, no other comes close. The next step up from the Panasonics is the $500.00 Oppo BDP 83 player and the Panasonics still rival or excel it’s performance in some areas. Among consumer brands the Panasonic picture quality and DVD upconversion quality wins big, which shouldn’t be much of a surprise as Panasonic equipment is widely used in film production and post-production environments. They understand pro picture quality because Panasonic gear is used to make movies. Audio quality on the Panasonic players is wonderful as well. They sound great and offer superior playback options in comparison to all of the other consumer level players. Some of the other brands do offer more techie bells and whistles (gimmicks?) but in terms of a solid performing player with incredible quality, Panasonic wins.

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