HDTV and projectors that come with knowledgeable service

 Theater Design Northwest offers competitive pricing, expert  installation and industry standard ISF-C video calibration services to provide you the ultimate viewing experience for your UHD/HDTV investment.

From a reference Elite BluRay player to upgrading your home network for connected TV, we make it easy for you to enjoy the latest technology.

  • Sony- Industry leading 4K picture quality
  • LG- LG 4K OLED displays amaze with reference video performance
  • Samsung- Great 4K video quality from the best selling TV
  • Sunbrite– fully weatherproof outdoor HDTVs

Enjoy stunning image quality and a deeply immersive experience in your dedicated 2D or 3D home theater by having a certified ISF expert design, install and calibrate your projection system. We are equally qualified to deliver perfection for your commercial video projection needs in conference rooms, presentation systems and public settings like bars or nightclubs.

  • JVC– DILA technology, 4K eShift4 resolution and impressive home 3D performance
  • Epson– Home cinema and commercial projection
  • Sony– excellent pic quality with the lowest cost native 4K projector
  • InFocus– Top rated commercial and large venue projector solutions
  • Stewart Filmscreen– the absolute reference, best home cinema image with USA made custom screen materials
  • Screen Innovations– SI Black Diamond screens help achieve HTDV type performance in higher ambient lighting conditions

Theater Design Northwest is an authorized dealer/reseller for every product we carry in order to offer our clients legitimate factory authorized warranty service.