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Panasonic THX Certified 3D HDTV

Theater Design Northwest was just approved as a dealer for the new Panasonic THX Certified 3D Plasma Displays, offering the best picture quality of any current models for both 3D and normal 2D high definition viewing. And our first 3D install using these incredible displays is scheduled for next week.

In other new product news we also have signed as dealers for Richard Gray’s Power Company extreme quality power management products. These ingenious devices use a unique approach to protect your equipment without the commonly used circuitry that actually can limit the current supplied to your equipment. RGPC products remove 40 Db of noise components from the incoming power to your gear which delivers a substantial improvement in audio/video quality you can see and hear. Call us to demo this exciting product today.

THX Technician - Theater Design Northwest offers complete quality home theater services in the greater Puget Sound Region.

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